History of the Lime Tree Restaurant

The Lime tree Restaurant was originally built in 1832 by Lord Lansdowne to act as an estate office.

During the Famine in the year 1845 it was used as a centre to provide free travel for starving land tenants to leave their native home for the �New World�. Over 4,600 people from the area received their documentation allowing them to make a new life in foreign lands from this building.

In 1862 the building was rented for �26.00 as a school and remained a two-teacher school until the 1970�s. Many of today�s local customers received their education in the school and have mixed memories of their Irish education!

In 1985 the building was restored and converted to a restaurant.The restaurant is now a listed building and has been the recipient of many accolades.

The restaurant gets its name from two lime trees that stand at the front and side of the building. Their Latin name is Tilia Europae and they are estimated to be over 110 years old.